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Senior care expert Hillary Abrams, of Marietta, Georgia

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Hillary Abrams began her career in the healthcare industry in the early 1990’s, in various roles of the pharmaceutical industry. She was continuously educated and trained in many disease states affecting the aging population and provided this information to medical professionals.

In 2002, she realized the importance of taking care of aging loved ones when she became a caregiver to her mother during a period of health issues. Hillary took a leave of absence from work to help her mother recover from several major surgeries. This experience motivated her to help others during similar, stressful times, and resulted in transitioning into eldercare.

Hillary currently communicates regularly with families, professionals, and employees of organizations concerning levels of care and assistance for the elderly. Hillary is the Founder and President of ElderCare Companions, Inc. a state of the art personal care company for elderly and disabled adults. ElderCare Companions has developed along with medical professionals, "The Caring Companion Way", an individualized cognitive stimulation approach to engage alzheimer's and dementia clients enhancing their quality of life.   

Hillary Abrams and her mother, at home in Marietta, Georgia
Hillary Abrams and her mother, at home in Marietta, Georgia.

Since most people wait until there’s a crisis to react to the declining health of a loved one, Hillary has written an easy to use handbook, “Aging Parents and Options in Care- A Simple Handbook: Making the Best Decisions for Loved Ones During Stressful Times”. The book addresses the most common issues and concerns to help make decisions quickly. The book has received the highly coveted “Editor’s Choice Award” from iuniverse publishing company. The Editorial Review Board writes: “This book is full of information for people, who, when under stress, have a difficult time making decisions out of anything other than anxiety. The fact that the book is short and easy to navigate makes it useful for any reader needing quick and clear answers.”

Several areas included are: A Checklist Sheet- what your loved one can and cannot do for themselves; A Financial Worksheet- what options can they afford; A Medication Log Sheet- keep track of their medications; An Adult Living Facility Evaluation Form; Options in Levels of Care, and much more.

Hillary lives in the Atlanta area (Marietta, Georgia). She graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in journalism and psychology. She supports and volunteers for numerous organizations and foundations.